My name is Amanda. I'm a crafty girl.  Lover of many things.  Night owl.  Lucky to be married to my best friend, Brian.  I'm an administrative pro by day and a crafter by night, who loves (among other things) to creatively use (and lets be honest... collect) paper, stamps, yarn and fabric!! We currently live in Monterey County, California.  Beaches, fog, strawberries, lettuce and lots of wind.  Ten years in and it's growing on me, though I still prefer my hometown of Placerville, California!  When I'm not hard at work or making something in my craft room, I spend most of my free time with Brian, our cute dog, Scarlet, and our cat, Nala.  We like to hike, watch lots of tv on our DVR and Netflix and do home improvement.  And have I mentioned I love to travel?  Yep, I have a serious case of the travel bug too!

I'm a big believer that anyone can be crafty.
If I can do it, you can too!  I have been crafting since I could hold a crayon... learned to crochet and cross stitch before age 10... and here I am a few years down the road, teaching and selling my creations!

How did I get here exactly?  Well, in the fall of 2010, I was introduced by my good friend Alli (hi Alli!) to Zarogina and the world of Stampin' Up.  I joined in November 2010 as a demonstrator with Zarogina and never looked back.  I love the products, the friends I get to craft with each month and the people I continuously meet now along the way. 

This blog is my home for all things crafty.  I used to have my personal blog, where I talk about my husband, our crazy pets, our home, our family, our lives.... but in February 2013, I merged the two and now they both live here! :) 
Blog design inspired by Elise Blaha Cripe.  Social Media icons can be found here. Fonts I use are Pea Kikichan, Lobster 1.4, Young & Beautiful, and GeoSansLight.
Thank you so much for stopping by here.  If you leave a comment, I promise to come visit and leave one for you too!  Happy crafting! :)


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