Wednesday, September 9, 2015

March to August 2015 Book Report.

I hoped to read a bit on the plane rides to/from Oklahoma back in March but ended up talking with my sister and Brian instead! That trip and Brian's birthday made the month of March fly by so I didn't get to read as much as I had hoped to... but I still managed to make a dent in April... and then fell off the reading wagon at some point between there and August... oops! Time to recommit to my goal. :)

Books I read between March and August...
  • The Help by Kathryn Stockett
    This book was crazy hard for me to get into. I actually fell asleep at page 15 three times and started (then re-started) the book four times. The fourth time was the charm and after I got past the first 50 pages I was totally hooked and relieved I hadn't given up on it. In the end I really enjoyed the story -- great characters, plot, and ending. Now I want to see the movie!  Definitely recommend -- just keep in mind the story takes some time to get compelling.
  • Along Came a Spider by James Patterson
    I absolutely loved this book. I couldn't help but hear Morgan Freeman's voice for Alex but immediately recognized that the book and the movie version of the book are two totally different stories with little in common! As expected, books are always better than the movies and while this movie was really good, this book was far better! So many plot twists and turns, you just never can quite catch up to it. It's a quick read and it has me thinking there are 23 books in the series... I shouldn't take me long to read 22 more, right?! Highly recommend!
  • Her Holiday Man by Shannon Stacey
    I love this author's stories and had to sneak this one in when I discovered I hadn't read it yet. My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough! I love how easily you can fall into the stories of this author -- funny, sweet. They are a quick and fun read. A little predictable and cheesy at times, but I enjoy them!
  • Rage Against the Dying: A Thriller by Becky Masterman
    This book grabs you in the first sentence and doesn't let go! I found the main character endearing and smart -- I really enjoyed her voice throughout the story. And wow, what a story. You never really catch up to where it is heading or "whodunnit" until the moment Brigid does. This would make an excellent movie... I hope someone adapts it at some point! I can't help but immediately dive into the second Brigid Quinn book and I am hoping it is just as good. I want to see where Brigid, Carlos and pugs are after where this book left off with them! Highly recommend picking this one up to read... you won't be disappointed.
  • Fear the Darkness: A Thriller by Becky Masterman
    I loved the first book and this series so my expectations were a bit high going into reading this. It didn't disappoint. The main character is very entertaining and the best part of the writing by this author is she is really great at keeping you guessing "whodunnit". I highly recommend this two book series and I sincerely hope that the author continues to write more of these!
  • Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Dumas
    Great little short stories -- each chapter is something different. I found it entertaining and a quick read. I would have rated it higher but it just didn't hold my attention and I found it hard to finish even though it was quick. It's a great read if you want to have a few laughs and see how growing up and living in the melting pot of California can be from the perspective of an Iranian immigrant. I would definitely read it again.
  • The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman
    I gave this book five stars because the quality of the writing was fantastic. The subject matter made me wish I hadn't read it and how it all ended up made me cringe, but I would still recommend it to anyone looking to read a fascinating and complicated love story that's extremely well written. 
  • Grey by E.L. JamesI loved the original trilogy and I loved reading this -- it was really amazing to read the story again only from the other main character, Christian's, point of view. In discussing at length with a good friend, I think it helped that there had been lots of time between when I read the original trilogy, watched the movie, and then read this book. I really hope she continues and writes the other two parts of the trilogy from this character's point of view!! And I must note that it seems you've either read these books or you haven't. If you've read them you love them and if you haven't yet it's because you think that you know what they are about but trust me you don't. Every time I see someone say something like "oh that book does ____ to women and how can anyone read that" and I honestly laugh at the ignorance. To criticize something you haven't read because you think you know what it says or doesn't just makes you look like a fool. Read it and then I can have a real conversation with you about that topic! Stepping off soapbox now... :) 

Where this fits into my #26booksin2015 Challenge?

Ten down, sixteen to go for me to finish! Did you read anything good in the last few months that I should add to my list?

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  1. I've read a ton of great books recently, although most of them from the children's section. I am in love with everything by Carl Hiassen and Stuart Gibbs. While they are technically children's books, they are just as enjoyable for adults.


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