Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Introducing Miss Molly!

So we've had this little peanut now for six months. Six wild, crazy months. It's amazing how fast time flies by!

Back in July last year, our precious little furbaby Scarlet was attacked by our neighbors' german shepards. They broke out of their yard and attempted to kill her in our front yard where she was doing her business with Brian on the lawn. Luckily Brian was right there to stop the attack but not before they ripped open Scarlet's shoulder. Emergency surgery and a few weeks later, we found ourselves at the vet's office for a checkup on her shoulder. When they were done taking out some stitches, one of the girls asked me if I had a few minutes. I admit... wasn't paying much attention. I was getting text messages, holding Scarlet and generally distracted. They took advantage of that and the next thing I know I was looking at THIS.

O. M. G. I about died. I snapped this picture and sent it to Brian. No words just a picture. He sent back a message almost immediately. That said "whatever that is, bring it home with you." He immediately followed with "well... maybe we should talk first." I was a little bummed but told them, let me think about it and talk to Brian. She was the cutest baby. A rescue that they had saved from a bad situation. She had a serious problem with her left eye... some moron had left an eye infection untreated. So they were going to keep her for several weeks to make sure it healed or remove her eye before adopting her out.

I went home and proceeded for two weeks to harass Brian. One day on my way home from a dentist visit, Brian called me and said "Hey, let's just get her. She's so cute and we can make it work. Why don't you call them right now and tell them we want her." So I did. Mouth half asleep, tired and driving home, I called the vet. I got the tech on the phone who had introduced her to me and she was like "Oh. Shoot. Let me get the vet." The vet got on the phone and was like "Hey Amanda! She just left to go home to a really good home. She found a great family."

All true words. Not a single lie. Not one. But I started crying... I could barely make it off the phone. I was so heartbroken. I hung up with the vet and called back Brian sobbing that the puppy was gone. I was so disappointed. I got home and hugged Scarlet, then started making her dinner so I could go to bed early. As I was making her dinner, Brian came home and I could hear him saying hi to Scarlet. My back was to him in the kitchen and he said hi. I turned around not to see him but to see this precious little furball wandering across the kitchen towards me. Of course I started crying, then smacking him for torturing me! What a surprise though!

We survived the first few weeks of middle of the night bathroom trips to the backyard, chewing on things that aren't meant to be chewed on and getting her used to Scarlet and our cat Nala. A few weeks after she came home, she ended up losing her damaged eye. Of course it had to happen over a weekend so it was an emergency vet bill instead of free (the vet was going to do it no charge if needed) and she now holds the title of the world's most expensive free dog!

Molly is very vocal, always quick to tell you everything in the most adorable voice.

She let's Scarlet lead the pack and is quick to play and snuggle with her.

They have a routine together... every night they play what we call bite-y puppy where they do this crazy playtime... they like to sleep on the couch with us after dinner while they watch tv. They chase eachother around the yard with toys.

Molly is quick to dive under the covers at night, will literally eat anything (she loves snails, worms, dirt, sticks, toys, magazines, and apparently my scrapbook albums.... sigh...), and is the happiest puppy on earth. Just ask her, she will tell you.  And she just keeps growing.... she started off at about 5-6 pounds and she's about 20 today! She's about double the size of Scarlet so we are still adjusting to that.

We are so lucky to have her and adore her. So glad to have her in our lives!

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  1. Awwww! She's so cute. So glad she's found such a wonderful Forever Family.


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