Monday, April 21, 2014

Starbucks Hidden Menu Item: Blackberry Cobbler Frappucino

My brother now shares my addiction for random drinks that aren't on the menu and notified me that I needed to try this drink ASAP.  :)

I'm so glad that I did -- super tasty!  Because the freeze-dried blackberries are included, they give the drink a little bit of a crunch.  Almost like you are getting bits of berry cobbler when you drink it! :)

To order, pick your size, ask them to add white mocha syrup and 1 scoop of freeze-dried blackberries (2 if you are ordering a venti).

Thanks for the recommendation Tom! :)

Who is ready for a drink?! :)


  1. I love blackberry milkshakes, but the mocha syrup would probably ruin it for me.

    1. That is my type -- it's the white chocolate syrup they use to make white mochas. There is no coffee in it -- you should be good to go try it and I bet you will love it!! :)

    2. You're right - I looked it up and it's just white chocolate syrup. Much better!

  2. Ooooh you are so making me want to go to Starbucks! Probably payback for me sharing my Silhouette obsession? LOL


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