Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vacation Recap: Maui, Hawaii

I can still close my eyes and remember how warm the ocean is, how beautiful the sunsets are and how gorgeous our hotel room was.  I wish we could go back again right now!  We planned this trip a little differently.  Mostly Brian handed me the RCI book, the phone number and said plan us something.  A very helpful RCI guide helped me find an available week in Maui... I didn't care where in Hawaii, just that it was in Hawaii!  We sacrificed a condo with a kitchen to take an ocean facing hotel room on the beach at the Embassy Suites Resort in Kannapali, Maui.  So worth it!

We went in October of 2003 and I was armed with my film Nikon by that point in time.... lots more photos and a lot better photos too!  Ready for this?! :)

The view from our room:

Oops no flash ;) lol
Other photos from the hotel:

The massive bathroom!  Please ignore the mess.... we didn't think to take pics until we were leaving! :)

Awesome ocean view from the bedroom!
The dining/living area when you first enter, bedroom/bathroom were to the left.

Sunset on the beach of our hotel.  So beautiful!
 We packed a lot into a week while we were there, so here are some of the activities we did...

Drive the northern coast of Maui:

Iao Valley:

Tropical Plantation:

Old Lahaina Luau:

Road to Hana:

Top of Haleakala Volcano:

Beach day in Wailea:

Other random photos from our trip:

Brian won a bottle of champagne on our flight to Maui for guessing with the most accuracy the time we would hit midway point of our journey.  He was within seconds? minutes?  All for a few small calculations while people wasted SO MUCH TIME trying to calculated using the entire piece of paper we were given! :)

And my favorite photos from our trip... all the plants and flowers!

We had such a great time.  I'd love to go back! :)  So this was the second of many vacations we've taken.... I'll be back soon with the next one we took to New England in the fall!

Have you ever been to Hawaii?


  1. You're due for another Hawaii vacation if your last one was in 2003! We went last Thanksgiving (Oahu, not Maui) and it was, of course, fantastic.

  2. GORGEOUS photos. wanting to go back now. hehe.



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