Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Twelve Years

Today marks our 8th Anniversary... Eight years of marriage. ♥

November marks a dozen years since the day of our first date.

Twelve Christmas' celebrated.  Twelve birthdays for us both, twelve Thanksgivings, twelve Valentines..... too many races to count... too many things to remember them all.  So many memories now.

Amazing how time flies.  I still remember our first Christmas together.  We had just started dating in mid-November and Brian had just met my parents the week before at a UC Davis basketball game.  I hadn't even seen to our (now) home yet!  After Christmas was over, I remember driving down to spend a week with Brian for the first time since we had started dating.  It was nighttime when I got here and the first thing I remember was thinking "Are those trees all one-sided?  How strange?"  I soon figured out why. :)

We started our first full year together off with the Rio Resolution Run in Carmel, California.  He told me we would be running a 5k.  Turned out he signed me up for the 10k.  I should have known then what I was getting myself into!! ;)

I moved in the day after I graduated from college in June 2002.  We got engaged a few years later in December 2004 and married a year after that in October 2005.  I'm so lucky.  We're so lucky.

Photo taken at a Luau on the island of Maui, Hawaii, October 2003.

We've travelled many places.  Florida, Hawaii, Vermont, Wisconsin, Georgia, Disneyworld, Disneyland, Lake Tahoe, Oceanside, San Francisco... many places in-between.  We've camped in tents, in RVs.  Hiked all over the central coast of California.  We've watched every episode of Law & Order, in every variety.  All the seasons of NCIS.  CSI, all of them too.  So many other good ones I can't even remember to name.

We've improved our home.  Argued over what to do... compromised... only to love the end product even more.  It's been painted outside, mostly painted inside (two rooms left), refloored, the laundry room rebuilt, a craft room finished, most of the inside of the house painted, the great wall in the backyard built.

Scarlet was only four months old in this photo, just a baby!  And Nala still had her tail too! :)

We've loved and lost one puppy, only to get the best dog in the world to make it all better.

We've had three cats, but we're down to one.  And she's the best kitty either of us has ever had.

Christmas Day 2010 with our nephew (age 3.5) and niece (4 days).  

We've gained a brother-in-law, a sister-in-law, a nephew and a niece.

We've survived things in our marriage and in our lives that we never could have imagined all those years ago when we first met.

All I can say is that I know I'm where I belong, I deeply love this one and we are so, so lucky.
Photo taken last Saturday on our hike :)

Good, bad -- doesn't matter, we are in this life together.  And I can't wait to see what the next twelve years bring to us.  I love you baby.  Happy 8th Anniversary!


  1. Congratulations and happy anniversary! True love that was meant to be. :)

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! I loved reading about your years together. The photos you shared are great! So many happy memories.


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