Monday, October 7, 2013

Today I Am...

Reading: In between books.... but probably picking up The Help by Kathryn Stockett next!

Listening to: Radioactive -- the cover by Pentatonix and the original by Imagine Dragons

Obsessed with:
**Food = fresh tomato salad (I chop up a tomato, add some minced garlic, one diced up string cheese and some basalmic vinegar -- YUM!)
**Crafts = been full force prepping for a baby shower and making related items! 
**TV Time wasters = The Blacklist, Revenge, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Law & Order: SVU, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, Hostages, The Crazy Ones, The Michael J. Fox Show -- our usual fall lineup, plus a hold over from summer DVR and some new shows to mix it up!
**House = still on a break until next year.  Plotting and scheming the next phase... :)

Thinking about: Work mostly.  Followed closely by baby shower coming up this weekend for one of my favorite people :)

Planning: This week is all about baby shower stuff.  Planning on relaxing on Monday, which I have off, and starting to think about the holidays.

Dreaming of: Finishing off the inside of the house next year.

Enjoying: All the crafty fun of co-hosting this baby shower and making a present for it!

Vowing to: Finish that dang hallway photo project.  I finally have all the photos I was missing... just need to scan them and print them.

Working on: Getting everything done for this party and making major progress on projects at work.

Excited about: This upcoming weekend and the rest of this month -- so many good things going on!

Favorite food I made in the last month: For sure the Baked French Breakfast Doughnuts.

Getting out and about: We had a great camping trip a few weeks ago.  Looking forward to a visit to my cousin's bakery, Lovely Layers Cakery, on Friday to pick up the desserts for the baby shower and to finally get to try out her cupcake Fridays!! :)

Favorite photo from the last few weeks:

She has a rough life for sure ;)

Happy Monday!  What are you up to today?! :) 

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  1. We're out of tomatoes, after I've practically been living on tomato salads all summer. I like the idea of adding string cheese. I splurge on fresh mozarella occasionally and add not-fresh mozarella the rest of the time. :)


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