Monday, October 21, 2013

Just an Average Day....

Another blog post that was drafted and never posted as it was waiting for pictures!  This is from September 29, 2010. :)

I thought it was about time I capture how busy my life is at this point in time.  So here's my day today... brace yourself!! :)

5:50 am: Alarm
6:00 am: I'm up.  I swear.  Brushing teeth, workout clothes, text messaging back and forth with Anna.
6:15 am: Anna is at the door.  Put in Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.  Day One.... we can totally do this.
6:48 am: Shred done... fighting urge to crawl onto couch and die.  Seriously.  We leave to walk it off.
6:50 am: Quick walk around the neighboorhood... about 1.5 miles.
7:10 am: Walk by Victor's house on way back to our street.  Miss our old neighbors!  Reminisce about our wedding anniversary on Friday with Victor... where has the last five years gone?! :)
7:15 am: Back at the house... play with the dog, do dishes.
7:20 am: Get dressed and ready for work.  Throw Scarlet her tennis ball 9,097,423.67 times.  I exaggerate, but fetch gets old really fast at this hour of the morning.
7:50 am: Run downstairs.  Last minute check of the water bowls (so hot they've been downing all of it in less than four hours... usually it is every other day). Kiss the puppy bye for the day.  She's good at the sad, pouty look!
7:55 am: Running out the door.  Waving to neighbors... so nice outside right now.  Hoping for the 80's today instead of the 100's!
8:00 am: Work... it's going to be a busy day!  First hour is always e-mails, voicemails, plan of attack for the day, people stopping by to say hi and ask questions. 
8:10 am:  Finally look at my cell phone for messages and find the sweetest love note from my hubby.  I love you Brian!! :)
8:15 am:  On the list today, more grant progress report writing, drafting a grant application due tomorrow, invoices, purchase orders, small to-dos, slide setup for tonight's council meeting and website setup, including meetings with other staff to assist them in loading content and adjusting navigation.
10:15 am:  Start feeling effects of the Shred.  :| wow... I already want a nap.
1:00 pm:  Stomach growls loudly.  Oops.  Finally breaking to head home for lunch... a late one today.  Seems to be like that most days... what to eat... hmmm....
1:05 pm:  Pull into the driveway.  Mail... lots of political ads.....  Again.  Happy mail on my front porch!  Cute new shoes from Target (thanks to Emily's recommendation!)... Love them!
1:20 pm:  At home... on the couch... with lunch.  Salad with romaine lettuce, blue cheese, pecans, dried cranberries and a little bit of light ranch.  Watching new NCIS episode (Brian got me hooked and I couldn't wait until Sunday!).  Listening to the dog playing with a tennis ball.  Relaxing break and really hard to not want to take a nap. 
2:00 pm: Back to work... voicemails and e-mails await me.
2:01 pm:  Promptly forget to keep documenting the rest of my day... and realize it nearly eight months later in your draft blog posts.  Oops!  :)

I'm sure it went something like work, work, work.  Come home and work some more.  Take/make at least 3 phone calls after work.  Some laundry.  Care for the pets (giving attention of the petting and playing variety mostly!).  Talk to Brian (on phone that day... he was gone all week for work).  Collapse into bed at some late hour just to get up and do it all over again tomorrow!! :) 

What's your average day like?  Have you ever stopped to take note of it all?

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