Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week in the Life: Tuesday

Brian's work hours today are the same (7-3:30), so are mine, but I worked some longer hours today (9-6:30).  Usual routines in the morning.... nothing exciting today! :)  Did an hour long training session at work and a big meeting in the afternoon on our current project... more working on other projects and some training manuals on the side.  I'm not going to note all the boring details of the work day, but figure I'll keep track of our crazy evening schedule today!  I got home about 7:10.... mail, water flowers, greeted by Scarlet the usual.  Brian was out hunting -- he has the second of his two deer tags to fill for this season and time is running out.  I made dinner, got to folding the laundry. Quick shower.   Then our evening shifted.... Brian got his second deer of the season!  He came home very excited, it was an adventure to get the deer ready for butchering.  I got all the laundry dealt with, folded and all that I have left is to hang up the rest Wednesday (then start all over again... ugh...).  We both finally climbed in bed at about 11.  I couldn't sleep well so I ended up reading more of A Dog's Purpose.  I'm in LOVE with this book.  So, so good!!

Breakfast | Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monster Shake
Morning Snack | Sweet & Salty Almond Bar
Lunch | Kashi Chicken Enchiladas, Diced Peaches (no sugar added) + Water
Afternoon Snack | Apple Cinnamon Greek Yogurt, String Cheese
Dinner | Annie's Shells & White Cheddar Mac n' Cheese, Glass of Milk

Brian is an amazing hunter.  I love to see the passion in his eyes when he talks about doing something he loves!  Scarlet was equally excited when she smelled what was going on outside! 

The story of the hunt.  I'm sure I'm going to mess up a few of the details, but here goes....  Brian didn't want to go out today.  Days are running short for hunting in the season though and he just needed to get out there despite his fatigue.  He did his usual drive around the campgrounds at Arroyo Seco seeing if he could spot any bucks.  Today he couldn't believe his luck because he spotted one almost immediately.  He hurried to park and hike his way around to the backside of where the buck was bedded down without scaring him away.  He was so glad he didn't go the usual trail because in the end he realized the buck would have seen him coming.  When he got close he spotted the buck through his binoculars and confirmed the buck's antlers -- it was a legal buck.   Only problem?  All he could see were the horns from this viewpoint.  So he had to guess which direction the buck was laying.  He took aim and fired.  The buck didn't move.  Usually they move so he was confused!!  He carefully made his way over, hoping he had hit it and that it wasn't just laying low hiding and going to jump up!  When he got to the buck he realized he made a once-in-a-lifetime kind of shot -- straight through the buck's left eye, exiting out the back of it's skull.  It actually broke the skull cap (which means the antlers are mostly separated from each other).  He dragged it out.  Took photos and insisted on more photos when he got home!  Listening to him tell back the story was awesome.   So proud of him for his hunting ability and the fact that he hunts for all the right reasons.  Particularly that not one scrap of meat goes to waste!

When Brian was preparing the buck to be skinned in our side yard, I helped him tie off the rope.  The buck was really huge and a lot heavier than the average buck that Brian has killed in the past so it took three tries to get it high enough that it fit over the bucket.  Well that third time, I heard a metallic snap from above my head and heard something small hit the ground.  We had a brief discussion that pretty much went with Brian saying "it's fine" and me saying "I think it's too heavy and something just broke up there".  A few minutes later, Brian was adjusting the buck on the rack and the arm holding the pulley that had the deer strung up snapped off!  Luckily Brian and the buck were both fine... I started laughing and telling him "I told you so!".  He didn't think it was too funny at the moment, but I know we will laugh about it more later. :)

Grateful for the life Brian and I have together.  We are certainly lucky and today was a good reminder of the crazy moments we share! :)

PHOTOS TAKEN TODAY:  About 45 between the iPhone and the real camera!

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