Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week in the Life: Sunday

Another early morning wake up by my favorite little people.  Brian was out running and they were each sitting there staring at me from the couch :) lol  Brian came back and we got ready, then loaded the car up.  We headed out early so we could go get some breakfast at Sweetie Pies.  It was so good!  Eggs Benedict (over biscuits instead of English Muffins) for Brian and a Belgian Waffle with fresh fruit and a side of bacon for me! Brian's order got a little scrambled and came with bacon instead of Canadian bacon, but it was still super tasty.  After our breakfast we stopped in Folsom to get gas and Starbucks, hit up REI for Brian to continue his hunt for new trail running shoes.  He finally found some he wanted and they were on clearance sale... but of course they were out of his size in the store.  A little inventory check told us they were now available back in our regular REI store near home.... we had just been in there the week before! They put them on hold for me to go back and pick them up.  After that we headed over to the Dante Club in Sacramento for my Grandpa's Celebration of Life.  We got there a little early and helped with what we could.  It was an afternoon filled with music, family, friends, a whole lot of love.  It was so nice.  We headed out about 4:30.  Poor Brian had a 3 am start time the next morning!   We stopped for dinner in Santa Nella at Panda Express and got home about 8:15.  It was an uneventful drive home.  A long day, but a good one and a great visit to the family for the weekend.

Breakfast | Belgian Waffle with Strawberries, Blueberries and Olallieberries, Bacon, Orange Juice
Morning Snack | Pumpkin Spice Latte
Lunch | Sandwich pinwheel, carrots, chocolate chip cookie, water
Dinner | Panda Express Sweet Fire Chicken, Brown Fried Rice, Rangoons, Root Beer

It was so nice to see so much love for my grandparents and our family.  The whole event was so nice and we had such a good time.

Lots and lots of music.  And all the great-grandkids laughing and playing.

Watching my Mom sing Pennies from Heaven with my Grandpa's Black Tuesday Jazz Band.  Watching my Dad and Uncle's Ophir Prison Band surprise them with a performance at the memorial right after my Mom finished singing.

For the family my Grandparents gave to all of us.  I love that crazy group!

PHOTOS TAKEN TODAY:  30+ (mostly with my real camera)  Lots of other great photos from our family too.

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  1. It sounds wonderful! I've eaten at Sweetie Pie's with my inlaws once - delicious indeed! And we went to a wedding at the Dante Club not too long ago. I'm glad you had such a great time at the Celebration of Life.


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