Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week in the Life: Monday

It's been quite a while since I've done this, but it's always nice to look back on later, so it's worth the effort.... here goes... :)

6:00 am | Brian is up for work and heading out the door.
6:30 am | Alarm is calling for me... I snooze it for a while.
7:15 am | Finally getting up out of bed, playing with Scarlet, petting Nala, text messaging, reading a few blogs.
7:30 am | Laundry switchover to dryer, doing what is left of the dishes, morning bathroom pit stop for Scarlet.
7:45 am | Shower, getting ready to go to work, grabbing lunch and snacks for day.
8:00 am | Out the door to the car, time for the morning commute. Text messages with my brother before I leave.  Call my sister (leave voicemail) and my mom on the way to the office.  Lots of fog this morning.
9:00 am | In the door at work, breakfast shake, email, chatting with the boss, typical Monday.  No meetings today, so it should be quiet and productive.  Lots of testing today.
11:15 am | Brian's phone butt dials me, we have a good laugh over text messages :)
12:00 pm | Make arrangements with Vet to board Scarlet this upcoming weekend. Finally catch up with Katie over text messages while working.
1:00 pm | Eating lunch and working away....
3:00 pm | Afternoon snack.... love the Apple Cinnamon Chobani Greek Yogurt!
3:15 pm | Switch on Pandora radio to get through the rest of the afternoon at work....
3:30 pm | Brian off work
4:35 pm | Brian heads out to Arroyo Seco to continue the hunt for buck #2 for this season.
5:30 pm | Start wrapping up at work to head home...
6:00 pm | Finally in the car driving home.  Call Brianne, leave voicemail.  Call and talk to Mom.
6:48 pm | Pull into driveway.  Mail. Water flowers out front.
6:55 pm | Start laundry.  Pull out homemade chicken sausage from freezer for dinner.
7:00 pm | Mixing up part of dinner.... baked powdered sugar doughnuts.
7:12 pm | Doughnuts into oven.
7:20 pm | Scarlet playtime in back yard with a tennis ball.
7:22 pm | Doughnuts are out of the oven!  More playtime with Scarlet.... waiting for chicken sausage to defrost in kitchen sink.
7:30 pm | Scarlet in from the backyard :)
7:35 pm | Finish off the doughnuts with powdered sugar and head upstairs to the shower.
7:50 pm | Back downstairs to pull laundry out of dryer and start cooking the rest of dinner.
8:20 pm | Brian is home from the unsuccessful hunt, he starts eating, we start watching My Five Wives on the DVR (yet another interesting show on TLC about polygamy).
8:35 pm | On phone with Brianne to get order from workshop from last Friday.
8:45 pm | Brian heads up to shower and go to bed.... still on the phone with Brianne getting order in.
10:11 pm | Finish phone call order with Brianne... workshop order placed, closed and off my list.
10:15 pm | Break to check email.
10:30 pm | Kitchen clean up, turn over last load of laundry to dryer.
10:40 pm | One last trek to the bathroom for Scarlet today and one last trip myself to brush my teeth.
10:45 pm | Alarm set, in bed reading book.... starting A Dog's Purpose.
11:15 pm | Put the Nook down... time to go to sleep! :)

Breakfast | Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monster Shake
Morning Snack | Sweet & Salty Almond Bar
Lunch | Lean Cusine Cheese Ravioli + Water
Afternoon Snack | Apple Cinnamon Greek Yogurt, String Cheese
Dinner | Eggs over easy, homemade chicken sausage patties, homemade baked powdered sugar doughnuts, blueberry lemonade

I am overly ambitious and try to get a lot done in one day!  I used my new baked doughnut pan (love it!).  I still hate laundry... and it's still not done despite my good and best intentions. 

The usual conversation between Brian and Scarlet when he went to bed.... a few words, a few puppy kisses, some laughing.... love that evening routine. :)

Playing with Scarlet in the backyard before sunset.  She was so happy!  Also, seeing Brian when he came home... and stealing a quick kiss while I was on the phone and he was going to bed.

Brian is home at night this week.  After a week away for work last week, I am so appreciating him being home tonight... even though I really didn't get any time with him.  I'm also feeling lots of gratitude for my family and friends.  Keeping track of today I noticed that I talked to both of my siblings by text message, my Mom by text and phone (missed Dad who was late getting home from work today), and a dozen friends via text, Facebook messenger or phone.  I'm feeling grateful I have so many awesome people in my life!

PHOTOS TAKEN TODAY: 28 (all on the iPhone!), including 2 from friends via text message that I saved.

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  1. I love it! What an awesome project. I should totally do this. Especially the doughnuts for dinner part. :D


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