Friday, August 2, 2013

In July I Will... and I Did.

So this month?  July?  Life got all crazy.  And about July's goals...  

A new, simple format for the list and there is a check mark next to what I did:

A few notes about July in general...  Some major life changes.... My grandpa fell sustaining a traumatic brain injury and went undiscovered for several days.... this was followed by two surgeries, time in the trauma ICU, finished off with saying goodbye and losing him forever.  Then there was coping with the grief and the aftermath. Luckily (and gratefully) with lots of family.  In fact, a whole unplanned week off of work spent with family which helped tremendously in dealing with the grief.  I feel fortunate and lucky for that.   In addition to that loss, my parents lost their 8-year old English Bulldog Daisy suddenly and my hard drive failed on my laptop, which may result in the loss of almost a year of data/photos.  Bottom line?  Lots to be grateful for but a very difficult month emotionally.  Lots of loss.  Much more to say, but for here and for now?  I'm really just glad that July is over with as a whole.

And with that.... onward to August.... 

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