Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Next Round of Home Improvement

This post was written May 24th and I'm just now adding photos to post for posterity!

So there's this pattern around here.... I head out of town for a few days or a week to visit my brother + sister-in-law... and Brian does what we call "get a wild hare" around here.... :)

I love his wild hares while I'm out of town!  They have resulted the house exterior getting completely repainted:

A new entertainment center being built from scratch:

So at least now he recognizes that he gets these wild hares when I go on this trip and since I had one coming up soon.... we were talking about the painting of our downstairs (which we started when painting the loft/hallway/stairway).  There are four zones in one big open space (an entry way, a kitchen, a dining room and a living room), plus a powder room, laundry room and hallway closet.

So for the majority of the space, we have chosen to use the same color from the upstairs loft/hallway, stairway/entryway -- Behr's Castle Path for the walls and Behr's Innocence for the trim/ceiling/doors.

We have lived with it since January and love it!  But we both want some splashes of color downstairs and have been tossing around what to do with two areas: the kitchen and what we call the living room alcove/entertainment center wall.

In the kitchen, we already have maple cabinets, white tile counters, black/stainless appliances and knotted pine floors and the room is open concept to the entire downstairs, so we want to pick something that won't stand out too much.  We might have settled on a teal color for the backsplash area and just need to test paint samples now.  Ultimately, we hope to put in stone countertops, but too much money for right now, so we are sticking to just getting the painting done!

I'm inspired by this photo I found googlin' for ideas:
Pinned here.

And I like the idea of this color palette, though maybe a red instead of a peach?
Pinned here.

In the living room, we have this awkward alcove.  Originally, before flat screen TVs came along, we used this area for the TV and intended on building it out with cabinets.  Once we had the flat screen, it wouldn't fit and now it's just an awkward space that we have shoved older pieces of living room furniture into until we have the time, money and vision of what we want to do with it.....

I can't find good, true before pictures.... so this will have to do.  It was taken the morning that Brian started prepping the space for paint!  Alcove on the left with plants on top, entertainment center wall straight ahead.

I'm lobbying to take the top off (so-to-speak) and cap it with trim as a nice half wall -- it's a good solution since we do not have the flooring pieces to take it out completely at the moment and I'm not crazy about increasing the bill by $500 or more for an electrician to reroute all the light switches right now.    Plus it would open it up to adding a new piece of furniture that Brian can build to compliment the entertainment center and to hold the photo albums and DVDs currently stored on the older pieces occupying the space.
Okay, so there is this one circa 2010... we have rearranged a bit since then! :)

Either way, we are talking about putting in an accent wall behind the entertainment center.  Not sure what yet, but I'm thinking on it and leaning towards a darker shade of Castle Path... or maybe a bold color?  Guess I'll have to wait and see which way we go when it comes time to buy the paint!

Testing paint samples in the kitchen!
So there it is a nutshell.  Documented mostly for my own sanity when we get into the midst of this, it's always nice to come back later here and see what we were planning versus what reality gave us.  I will be back soon to share the final choices and show what it looks like now! :)

How do you plan home improvement projects?  Do you struggle with layout and paint options too?

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  1. Wow - if my husband did such amazing work on the house every time I left town, I'd be tempted to leave more often! Looks great!


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