Saturday, June 1, 2013

In May I Did...

Here are my original May goals....

Celebrating five :)
And here is what I actually accomplished:

Workout - Gym three days a week for cardio or strength training (at least one day of strength) and something active on the weekend (workout, hike, walk or run, something outside!).  Total fail on this one.  No excuses.  I did make it to the gym a few times and spent a fair amount of time outdoors, but not like I wanted to. Moving on to June...
Blog - Post five days a week.  Time to get into better habits about this since I really do love (and have missed) blogging.  Not quite, but I do have the next several months planned, so I give myself partial credit for this one!
FINISH - Amy's Quilt, Brian's Quilt, Project Life pages through end of April, finish framing pics in the upstairs hallway.  No on the quilts... just not enough time.  Yes on the Project Life-- 98% of the pictures are printed and in the album through the beginning of May, just got to go back and add the finishing touches.  Of the weeks I'd say about a third of the spreads are completely finished!  And I'm almost done with framing the photos-- only have about 6 frames left to fill!
Enjoy - Creighton's fifth birthday party and my trip to visit my brother + sister-in-law!  Done!! :)

This month was crazy busy, but in a good way.  Not as much checked off this list as I would have liked, but many things accomplished nonetheless!

I'll be back tomorrow morning with June's goals....
How was May for you?!

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  1. Good job - all progress towards goals is good progress. :) May's been busy for me too, though not as crazy as June always is. Good stuff though.


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