Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In April I Did...

Here are my original April goals....

And here is what I actually accomplished:

Get Healthy - Lots of sleep, good food, exercise (once the bronchitis is completely GONE).  Mission accomplished now that I am back to normal and healthy again.  Finally got back into the gym this week.
Workout - Just. MOVE. That was the goal again this month because of the coughing!  Yes and now that I'm healthy, time for some more concrete goals for May.
Blog - At least 10 postsYES! 13 to be exact! :)
FINISH - Amy's Quilt, Brian's Quilt, Project Life pages through end of March.  Another month and I got lots done, but not what I planned... sigh... here is what I did instead.... two baby blankets, one baby quilt, one fleece tied blanket, 24 hand knit tags and two cards!!  Brian's quilt is getting there, one thread color at a time.  I will definitely finish it in May!  And all my pages and pics are planned and printed through the end of March, just trying to go through and put the final touches on them. :)
Enjoy - Weekend visit from Drea & Jarrod, baby showers at end of month (hoping I can make them both!) Only made it to one of the showers, but I did have a lot of fun this month and loved our visit with Drea & Jarrod!

I'll be back later today with May's goals. :)

How was April for you?

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