Friday, April 19, 2013

What's on Your....

I saw this post on Ali Edwards' blog and it's been a while since I did a list so.... here goes nothing!

Our California Poppies that are in full bloom out front of our house right now :)

Here's what's on my...

Vanity ♥ I don't have one so I'll have to go with my bathroom counter.... toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, my husband's electric razor, my makeup brush holder, sunblock
Perennial To Do List ♥ always some crafty stuff sitting on there, booking my plane tickets to visit my brother and sister-in-law, my nephew's birthday party invite, cleaning up our closet
Refrigerator Shelves ♥ the usual suspects.... milk, condiments, yogurt, veggies, tortillas, cheese, eggs, leftovers
Itinerary ♥ the big items in the next 2-3 months are nephew's 5th birthday party, trip to east coast (see above!), trip to Tahoe to visit my Dad's family in the summer
Fantasy Itinerary ♥ New Zealand, Australia, Paris, France, London, Scotland, Spain, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii.... pretty much everywhere! :)
Playlist ♥ Justin Timberlake (Mirrors, Suit & Tie), fun., Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Thrift Store), pretty much anything on the hits station on my Sirius satellite right now!
Nightstand ♥ some hair ties, lotion, an alarm clock, a wood grain ceramic dish (for jewelry), my Nook :)
Workout Plan ♥ at the moment I don't have one......
iPhone ♥ Instagram, Shazam, Pinterest, Facebook, Email, Candy Crush
Top 5 List ♥ hanging out with Brian doing pretty much anything, playing with Scarlet, watching our garden come to life, spring weather, time with my family
Bucket List ♥ Travel more, finish our house to-do list, more adventures with Brian/family/friends, get outdoors more
Mind ♥ lots of work projects, cleaning out some last bits of clutter in the house and that list of to-dos to finish the house, my unfinished quilt projects, thankful for my life and the people I love
Blogroll Elise Blaha Cripe, Ali Edwards, Young House Love, Newlywoodwards, Cindy deRosier: My Creative Life, Miracles Momma Designs, life with the Tucker and Wolek clan, designs by DianaA Beautiful Mess, Bower Power, Pink Buckaroo Designs, Anna Moon, It's Me KP, Work Your Wardrobe.... to name just a few :)
Walls of the Favorite Room in Your House ♥ Definitely the ones we just painted in Castle Path by Behr
Liquor Shelf ♥ rum, vanilla vodka, some wine.... we don't really drink alcohol.
Screensaver ♥ none
TV every night ♥ whatever is waiting for us on the DVR.  Right now that's Auction Hunters, Survivor, Law & Order SVU, Counting Cars, American Restoration, Grey's Anatomy, Ready for Love, Dancing with the Stars, Bates Motel, American Idol, The Voice, Smash, NCIS, NCIS LA, CSI... thankful for that DVR ;) LOL

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  1. How fun to read! I'm going to check out the few sites on your blogroll that I haven't visited.


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