Sunday, April 21, 2013

This week...

Spring seems to be in the air.  ♥

The garden is sprouting.  The weather is beautiful.  Lots of working for both of us.  Sad for those touched by all the violence in Boston at the marathon and in the resulting chase of the suspects.   Sad for those in West, Texas affected by the fertilizer plant explosion.  Wondering what is in the air this week that is causing all this craziness.  I'm starting to work on my favorite nephew's 5th birthday invite.  And wondering where the last five years have gone.  And I'm excited about the birthday gift we already have for him that I picked up on Monday (and know he will love it).  I'm missing a baby shower for a cousin this weekend, but happy that I got my part of the gift done and shipped out on time to make it to the shower with my Mom and sister.  Looking at plane tickets to visit my brother and sister-in-law next month.  Loving our normal routine we have going now... the evening tv and dinner couch time is awesome... just wish I could find a way to break the spell Law & Order seems to have over Brian.... but then again, what's new on that one! ;) 

Have a great weekend!

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