Thursday, April 4, 2013

In March I Did...

Here are my original March goals...
 My helper working on Brian's quilt with me :)

And here is what I actually accomplished:

Workout - Just. MOVE. That's the goal again this month! Yep!  We went on an overnight backpacking trip and hit the streets at Disneyland so it felt very busy and active :)
Blog - At least 10 posts and I work on a few more tweaks I want to make to the new design (fonts, pages, that sort of thing!)  Close on the number of posts, still making tweaks to the design :) 
Get Crafty - Those 4 pages for CT/Abby albums, finish Amy's quilt, keep up with Project Life, make Brian's birthday present. Between vacation and illness following vacation, only thing that got done was the birthday present (a quilt) got started and I kept up with Project Life!
Enjoy - Brian's birthday and Disneyland with the family!! YES!! :)

How was March for you?

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