Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fleece Tied Blankets

So did I mention how much Drea and I got finished on our crafty weekend?! Here's another project we knocked out the last night while watching Knocked Up with the husbands! :)

Here's mine (for my nephew Creighton of course!):

Here's Drea's:

While these are relatively quick and easy to put together, by the time you tie that last tie, you are definitely done with doing that type of craft for awhile! :)

And here is an action shot of Drea's blanket in the initial cutting stage...

All you need is a good set of sharp scissors, a ruler, two pieces of fleece in the size you want to be your finished blanket and some patience... okay a lot of patience! ;)

Both of our blankets began by laying both pieces of fleece together, then cutting out 6-inch squares from every corner.  Next, you cut a strip through both pieces that is 1-inch wide and 6-inches deep.  Once all your strips are cut, simply tie the pieces together!

That makes it sound easy, but it really is a test of patience (and your ability to sit on a hard floor!).

Have you made a fleece tied blanket? 

And PS....Thanks again for the motivation Drea... we have to have another weekend like this soon!! :)

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  1. Boy, that was the most craft-filled, productive weekend ever! And the guys were around AND you managed to watch a movie? Amazing!


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