Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Backpacking // Ventana Wilderness: Arroyo Seco Trail to Forks Camp


Last year, Brian got us some backpacks and we set out on our first overnight trip that... well... ended up being a day hike!  Winter came and we decided to hold off setting out again.  Fast forward to earlier this year when I asked Brian what he wanted to do for his birthday in March....
Backpack of course!  So he picked one of his favorite places to hike and fish near the Indians in the Ventana Wilderness.  Here to be exact:

The weather was beautiful and there was literally no one else on the trail... so peaceful and quiet!

The trails were mostly clear, only a few trees over the trail. 

We finally got to try out our backpacking gear and it was awesome!  Loved our little stove and the food was really good too.
We took our little rock hopper with us too :)

She loved it and just hopped rocks, walked through creeks and, honestly, I think she had more fun that we did! :)

And a few more pics of the wilderness....
It was beautiful back there... can't wait to go back (contrary to what my husband might think ;) I know you are reading this... LOL)

Looking for a trail map?  This is a good one, this map is interactive to trail conditions and you can buy a great map from the US Forest Service (this is what we use!).

Looking for great information about this fantastic hiking/backpacking/camping area?  Try the Ventana Wilderness Alliance (VWA).

Do you backpack?  Any recommendations?

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  1. Beautiful pictures! It looks like a fantastic trip. While I like solitude, I get a little freaked out when we see NO ONE on the trail. It makes me worry that there'd be no one around to help if we needed it.

    Do I backpack? Well, I like everything about backpacking except lugging around my stuff and not having running water, so I stick with car camping. :)


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