Thursday, April 11, 2013

At 7 months: CT vs. Abby

Note:  This was written August 19, 2011.... and I forgot I wrote it and never added pictures! oops!  And I love the words, so I'm adding the pictures now and posting it now for posterity! :)

Pic of Abby and Creighton taken July 2011.

I was just thinking about my nephew and niece.  This is actually a common occurrence, so not really out of the ordinary in our world!  Anyhoo....  I realized how quickly Abby seems to be growing up in comparison to her big brother.  I can't believe she's already halfway to the one year old mark.  Which got me thinking....

So much of Creighton's personality was obvious at 7 months.... and I'm positive that the same holds true for my sweet niece Abby!   And I thought it would be fun to compare pictures and personalities at that age. :)

This pic of Creighton was taken late November 2008, almost 7 months old!

Creighton was:

Mellow, curious, happy, sleeping through the night, a night owl, playing with cars, crawling away to hide down the hallway and giggling hysterically when you chase him!  In love with his parents... and me... and Uncle Brian... and Uncle Tom... and Aunt Amy... and his grandparents... and well, everyone.  He was cuddly, independent, loved his doggie Oskar and was a sloppy, albeight adorable eater of 99% of what you put in front of him!  And let's not forget that he's a clean freak -- hating food on his hands, sand in his toes, and pretty much any speck of anything on him.  On the development curve, he was always ahead (which is an amazing feat for a preemie!) -- tall and skinny.

Pic of Abby taken approx. July 2011.

Abby is:

Opinionated, motivated, happy, sleeping through the night, a morning bird (happy as can be!), playing with her brother's cars (until mama takes them away, then she squawks in frustration!), crawling/standing by pulling up/riding her brother's toy cars, silly little laugher who thinks her brother is the funniest guy on the planet.  She loves her daddy -- lights up when she sees him.  She loves people and is super quick to give a big smile when she sees us now.   She is fiercely independent and vocal about it, wanting to play with and do everything her big brother does.  Most notably, she's a picky eater.... like of 99% of what you put in front of her!  Just like her momma.  In fact, so much like her momma it makes me laugh! ;)  On the development curve she's just like her brother (except for the preemie part!) -- tall and skinny, every girl's dream! ;)

The cute munchkins during summer 2011. :)

Creighton is still a fun-loving, adventurous kid who is a clean freak when it comes to stuff on his hands! He's not as upset when he gets dirty, but loves to use the sink to wash his hands.  ;) He's also an excellent big brother who likes to make his little sister laugh and you can still catch him taking his afternoon naps with his doggie Oskar :)  And yes, he's much like me in that he's slow to wake up to the world in the morning and you won't see a smile for at least 5 minutes out of him! :)

And since it's fun to look back at 2011, here's what they look like now :)

Cute babies!! Photo taken March 22, 2013 at Disney's California Adventure!

I love my nephew and niece.... can you tell?!

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