Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thirty Three...

Note:  I wrote this on my birthday, just now adding a photo and publishing it for posterity! :)

What a crazy ride this last year has been in all ways imaginable!  I just wanted to capture the moment today as I celebrate my birthday, so here goes....

Today I am 33.

Today I am at work, still in awe that it has been over a year here already.

Today I ate lunch at my favorite Mexican place near work with three great women I work with. (We had tacos and 7-Layer dip.  I was serenaded to outside of the restaurant.  There *might* have been tap dancing involved!)

Today I got an awesome birthday crown in the mail from my brother and sister-in-law.  (It's pink and feathery... be jealous!)

Today I am getting phone calls and text messages from my family and friends. (And loving it!)

Today I heard the sweetest four year old say "Happy birthday Aunt Amanda, I love you!" and his baby sister say "I love you!" when I answered my phone this morning. (I adore my nephew and niece!) ♥

Today I am spoiled by my husband who made me steak, coconut shrimp, twice baked potatoes, steamed veggies and a chocolate chip cake, followed by a thoughtful card an announcement that my gift was my next iPhone when the contract comes up March 23rd. (But who is counting?!)

Today I am a lucky girl.  I have my health, the love of my life, a home we love, the cutest pets, amazing friends and the best family.

So 33 isn't so bad at all so far... looking forward to the year ahead of me for sure... :)

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  1. Sounds wonderful! I'm glad you had such a great birthday. May 33 be your best year yet!


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