Friday, March 1, 2013

In February I Did...

And here is what I actually accomplished:

Workout - Just. MOVE. That's the goal this month!  Yes!  I did move this month... pic above is from my walk along the ocean with Brian on President's Day. :)
Blog - At least 10 posts between the two at a minimum! I will also merge my two blogs into one new, updated blog.  10 posts... not this month, but that's okay because I did get my blogs merged into one!
Get Crafty - Those 4 pages for CT/Abby albums, make 14 cards, finish Amy's quilt, make curtains, keep up with Project Life.  I made one layout for Creighton's baby book, ten cards, curtains for our loft and kept up with Project Life!
Clean - the office and guest bedroom. Done! :)
Enjoy - Some meyer lemons from my tree, my girl's crafty weekend, Valentine's Day, whatever fun thing we decide to do the weekend after Valentine's day, my trip to visit Annie the last weekend of the month, and my birthday!  All done with these too!! :)
Here's what I didn't plan on but ended up doing:

*Try at least one new recipe.  This was a carryover from last month, that didn't make the final list above, but got done anyway/ I'll share the recipe soon!
*Make a camera strap cover.  Was tired of my black strap and now I have a fun patterned one!  I'll be sharing this soon too.
Here's what I didn't get quite done (or even started) from my list:
*Blog at least 10 times. Most of my blogging time went to merging and updating... oh well!
*Complete 4 pages for my nephew's and niece's baby books. Just not enough hours in the weekend...
*Finish Amy's quilt.  Just need a few hours with my sewing machine in March.
*Make 14 cards.  Only made ten but that's good enough for me!
I'm really happy with all the things that I accomplished this month and I'm looking forward to what March brings!! :)

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