Saturday, February 16, 2013

In January I Did....

Here are my original January goals....

And here is what I actually accomplished:

*Daily journaling in my Q and A a Day: 5-Year JournalAbsolutely in love with this journal.
*Start collecting pictures and stuff for Creighton's preschool scrapbook pages. I'm counting this as accomplished because I have the digi scrapbook started while I wait on pictures from my sister!
*Blog at least once a week. I have 6 posts in January, so I'm counting this as done.
*Use at least one of my new stamp sets. Yes - in my Project Life album!
*Take pictures everyday.  Save a day or two, here or there? YES!
*Workout at least 4 times/week (Saturday mornings with the husband!) Made every Saturday :)
*Reorganize scarfs and travel stuff in our master closet.  I still have one more small step I want to take, but I did finish what I set out to do!
*Plan a girl's crafty weekend. Yep!  It's a week from today actually!
*Book our family trip to Disneyland in March. Yep! We have hotel rooms and a plan -- I can't wait!

Here's what I didn't plan on but ended up doing:

*Went to IKEA with Anna.
*Prep, paint and paint and paint the loft and stairwell with Brian.  We did the ceiling, all the trim, the walls, two coats. DONE. :)
*Hang picture frames in upstairs hallway and stairwell.
*Put some pictures in the frames, still looking for the pictures I want to put in the remaining frames.
*Reorganized the entire upstairs library.
*Cleaned up the guest bedroom closet a bit.
*Cleaned up all the leftovers from Christmas.
*Did a 5k run with Brian.
*Started and kept up with Project Life for the whole month.  (Will share soon!)
*Move all photos from old laptop to new laptop.

Here's what I didn't get quite done (or even started) from my list:

*Complete 4 pages for my nephew's and niece's baby books.  Got sidetracked by the loft project!
*Workout at least 4 times/week.  Hit or miss... no bueno. :/
*Clean up my craft room disaster.  Top of the list for February.... must get done this weekend!
*Finish Amy's quilt.  Got sidelined because of the loft remodel... waiting for a new desk (it's almost done)!!!
*Work on Madeline's quilt. Ditto for this one....
*Try at least one new recipe.  Nope, but definitely will in February!

All-in-all..... not too bad :)

*Note: I wrote all this down on Jan. 30th, but in normal fashion, I'm not posting it until almost middle of February.... better late than never?! :)


  1. Yes, better late than never! It sounds like you did a LOT in Jan/Feb - great job! What does the March to-do list look like?

    1. Really busy... of course!! ;) I'll be back soon to share it Cindy!!


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