Sunday, February 17, 2013

In February I Will....

My meyer lemon tree is almost ready to pick... I'm so excited!! :)

I was inspired by this clever blogger (thanks Kim!!) to simplify the way I keep track of these monthly goals.  Now I wrote them back on February 2nd and I'm just posting them but I have had them on my mind the last two weeks!! ;)

Workout - Just. MOVE.  That's the goal this month!
Blog - At least 10 posts between the two at a minimum!  I will also merge my two blogs into one new, updated blog
Get Crafty - Those 4 pages for CT/Abby albums, make 14 cards, finish Amy's quilt, make curtains, keep up with Project Life.
Clean - the office and guest bedroom.
Enjoy - Some meyer lemons from my tree, my girl's crafty weekend, Valentine's Day, whatever fun thing we decide to do the weekend after Valentine's day, my trip to visit Annie the last weekend of the month, and my birthday!

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