Monday, February 25, 2013

Home Decor: Now We Have Everything

So this year for Valentine's Day, my sister asked me to recreate something for her that she saw on Pinterest.... and I did:

When she sends me a photo, I'll show you what it looks like printed and framed....

What do you think?! :)

Supplies for this Project:

Colors:  Stampin' Up! Crumb Cake, Whisper White and Real Red
Fonts:  Sketch Block, Lobster 1.4, Minion Pro, Calligraphic Frames Soft Two (frame around names and dates!) and Pea Beefarelli (heart)


  1. Wait... is the date wrong? First was 2009, then was 2008?

    1. Good eye ;) I made a last second switch of dates for privacy purposes... wasn't fast enough... I think that the "real" version might have gotten trapped in the RSS readers! :)


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