Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Plan for Our Loft

So I got a little distracted today by cleaning out in the closet.  Which led to planning the master closet which led me to the other problem child of storage in our house, the loft:

Sigh.  It's a mess.  And Brian wants me to clean it up.  And trust me, so do I.

So I need a game plan.  All we've got in there are three bookshelves, no blinds, nothing on the walls (including color) and a bunch of junk. Purpose of the room?  Storage of books.  Use of the sewing machine.  And the rest is a blank slate.

So.... I figured it out.  Defined it.  A place to sew, read a book and play games.  I think. :)  Here's my sketch:

I prefer the old school method.  10 inches equals one side of the graph paper square. :)

I want this rug in red:

This sofa from Ikea in gray:
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

This desk from Ikea:
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

And this color scheme:

I think once I get these pieces in place, I'll figure out the rest... the photos on the wall, the curtains, the pillows, the accessories.

Based on budget and time, I want to plan on doing this sometime next year.  I'm not sure what color paint to put on the walls.  What do you think?!

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  1. I bet it will turn out great!! But just to be sure, you should build your plans out of toothpicks so you can get a "real" look at it in it's finished state. (I'm sure it crossed your mind as soon as you got out the graph paper).:)Megan


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