Monday, August 22, 2011

Week in the Life: Monday

Note:  This week I will be running journaling that I wrote down each day during the week of July 25th + pics of stuff I took on those days. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Many are familiar with Ali Edward's projects, including A Week in the Life, which started again today. I participated last year, but only on my blog.  This is an eventful week in my life, so I definitely wanted to play again this year.  So here goes....

Blah.  That's how today felt.  I was not feeling it.  It probably has to do with my bad sunburn I got yesterday washing the cars + weeding the front yard + forgetting sunblock.  Ouch.  The weekend was a lot of fun though.  Friday night, Brian and I went to the movies to see this:

Yep, Harry Potter the very last one.  It was so good, but at the same time, I'm sad to see it end again (it was a bummer when I finished the books and there were no more to read!)  Such a great story.  Uncharacteristic of us, we ate dinner at the movies... Brian had a hot dog, I had nachos and we shared a popcorn.  As we were leaving, I unintentionally dunked my right hand in the leftover nacho cheese as I went to pick it up in the dark and, naturally, I wanted to wash that off ASAP.  There was a family bathroom right across from our theater and I opened the door to find some guy in there who forgot to lock the door!  Hilarious!  I think he learned a lesson.... :)

Saturday, I got to hang out with Erin. 

hehe - we laughed so hard at this ridiculously long candle!!

We don't get to see each other much and I really miss the days where we used to eat lunch together almost every day.  We met up in Carmel and went to Tommy's Wok.... it was soooo GOOD!

Hot and Sour Soup - delicious!

Vegetable Potstickers - these were fresh, lightly fried and to.die.for!

My absolute fav, the crabmeat rangoon.

Erin got the honey walnut prawns which were super tasty!

I got the combo plate - fried rice, chow mein and broccoli cashew chicken.  SOOOO good!

Isn't this place cute too?!

We wandered the streets of Carmel window shopping before heading over to Pacific Grove to check out this bakery:

And get some of these:

Seriously, I can't believe I went so many years without trying a French macaron - what was I thinking?!  I'm addicted to these now - the best cookie ever.  Light, a little crunchy and absolutely delicious.  Worth hunting for a bakery that makes these!

We headed over to Monterey to wrap up the day with a little shopping.  I'm sad that Borders is bankrupt and closing.  We won't have any bookstores anywhere near us anymore.  I'm glad I have my new nook color, but I really will miss wandering the little Borders at the mall in Monterey and the big Borders in Seaside.  We also hit up Ann Taylor where I got a new shirt, cardigan and necklace, and Macy's where we killed our noses smelling perfume and cologne samples!  I had a gift card to spend there (thanks to Annie!) and I restocked on one of my favorite perfumes, Ralph Lauren Romance.

I finished out Saturday catching up with Brian on our dvr recordings, laying around on the couch, staring at our new entertainment center!

Sunday was busy with cleaning...  I did maintenance on our washing machine (including cleaning it), washed both my car and Brian's truck, pulled weeds from our front sidewalk and gutter, walked the doggie with Brian, and enjoyed our lazy Sunday.  Well, enjoyed everything but the sunburn I got for forgetting sunblock!  The Tour de France finished up and Brian was excited that his favorites, the Schleck brothers both finished on the podium and it was nice to see Cadel Evans win.

So back to Monday.... work is hectic right now because my boss is retiring in September, last fiscal year is closing this month and the new fiscal year has started.  After a really long and frustrating day, I came home to relax with Brian.  He's been working some early morning shifts lately, starting at 3 am and finishing at noon.  Today was one of those days for him, so he was sleepy.  Every night now, he's watering his seed packet flowers and the few berry bushes and tomato plants he has this year.  They look great!

I spent a lot of time on the phone tonight, catching up with family and a friend.  Talked to my mom, my Aunt Sherri about decor for Saturday's party in Placerville and Zarogina, my upline for Stampin' Up.  We always have great conversations about our mutual love for crafting, so it's never a quick phone call!  I'm excited about the classes and events I have coming up, so the day ended on a good note.


  1. ummm, why is that candle that big?! LOL. i'd be laughing over that thing too if i was there.

    yeah... i'm sad that borders is closing too. it's so sad to see places go under. :(

    anyway, have a fab monday.


  2. That candle is crazy. All that food looks SO good. Sounds like an awesome day.


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