Friday, December 31, 2010

December got away from me...

Heck, the whole of 2010 did!  What a busy year!  The past few weeks have been busy with getting ready to start a new adventure for 2011, hosting a cookie exchange party, attending a holiday party for work, a visit from my parents, our niece born on December 21st, time spent at the hospital with my sister + new niece, lots of time with friends and family, time spent playing with my nephew, last minute Christmas shopping, traveling to do 99% of that, renovation of the laundryroom is now in full swing and, on top of all that, I'm trying really hard not to go crazy! 

More on all of that soon.  Promise. :)  As a random side note, I actually have over 65 posts in draft form.  Most just waiting for pictures.  Scary, but true.  I think I'll be resolving to fix that problem in 2011!

In the meantime, here's our Christmas card for this year, which made it into the mail extremely late (sorry everyone... they will be there soon, promise!!)

Better late than never though, right?!  Anyway, happy new year everyone!!  :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


AM happy.
WANT to have more hours in the day.
HAVE the best husband!
WISH that I could have a more creative career.
HATE cat fur all over the couch this time of the year.  I swear I find a new whole cat everday in shed fur!
FEAR the last day I can have an eggnog chai latte at Starbucks this month.
HEAR the dog and cat snoring.
SEARCH for missing socks too often.
WONDER where the heck do they vanish to??  Seriously.
REGRET nothing.
LOVE my life.
ACHE for my husband.  Wait that sounds... well... I miss him.  He's gone for work a lot now...
ALWAYS take on way more than I can handle and love it!
USUALLY do not have enough patience.
AM NOT perfect and I like it that way.
DANCE when no one is looking or everyone is drunk!
SING in the shower and the car.
NEVER imagined my life would take me to this point ten years ago.
RARELY get sick.
CRY when I get angry or frustrated.
AM NOT ALWAYS awake before 10 am... I'm not a morning person.
LOSE the cords and battery chargers to my camera far too often.
AM CONFUSED BY ummm.... not much.  I don't let that state of mind persist for very long!
NEED to spend more time with my husband.
SHOULD workout more.
LAUGH every day.
DREAM that my life will continue to grow and flourish... I'm a lucky girl!

Saw this "quiz" on a scrapbook layout by Amy LeJeune in the new Scrapbooking Everyday Memories by CK.  Love the concept!!  Now just to make it into my own layout.  Thanks for the inspiration Amy!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This Busy Life....

I could quote poetic.... "when it rains it pours"... but I won't do that! :)

Things were hectic in the last couple of weeks.   To say the least.  So rather than talk about that right now.... I'm just going to pick up and move forward for the moment -- I'll come back to the rest of that later!  Some random thoughts....

*I ♥ Eggnog Chai Lattes.  This is a new favorite addiction this year!  Between that and the Cranberry Bliss Bars....
*I want to run or go back to spin class.   Like yesterday. I'm just fighting my lengthy to-do list to make time for it.  Well that and....
*Sleep.  Which I love and need more of.

So, I took almost no photos of all the fun time I spent with my nephew over the Thanksgiving holiday week while we were in Sacramento.  Which is kind of a bummer.  But in my defense it's hard to remember to take photos when you are running in circles chasing a 2.5 yr old and playing.  But I did manage to take this one with my cell phone.  Which I love.  LOVE.

We were watching Mickey Mouse Playhouse.  They were going to Mars and he was totally getting it.  He's such a smarty pants.  I'm also loving our newly discovered conversations about all things boy.   Including his binoculars from Uncle Brian.  Which, by the way, is the most hilarious word to hear him say!  I will definitely be capturing that on video in a few weeks at Christmas.  :)

So there's my random mind download for the moment... I'm back and I hope I will be posting more frequently.  I hope!  I have way too many draft posts waiting for photos!! :)

Oh and I'm way behind on reading the blogs I follow, but I'm catching up on that too!


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