Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekend Getaway: San Francisco 2010

This weekend we went to San Francisco to celebrate our 5th anniversary and we had a great time!  I absolutely ♥ SF!  I love visiting a few times a year, but it's really much more fun to stay for the weekend.  Hold on... this is a long post today!

There was a lot going on this weekend in the City... Fleet Week, a Giants game, a Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park and the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk (seriously, I did a double take when we came across the signs by accident!). All of these things resulted in super pricey hotel rooms in the City.  So we stayed at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in Burlingame Friday and Saturday nights -- $150 per night less than City hotels, gorgeous hotel and so close!!

Apparently, I was all about food pics on Saturday... so I apologize in advance!  My goal is not to make you hungry.  Promise. :)

We started off Saturday morning with breakfast at Stillwater Cafe, the Hyatt Regency's restaurant.  It was so tasty...  Brian had Salmon Benedict and I had Sticky Bun French Toast.

Yum.  Might have to try and make my own sticky bun french toast.  There's something novel about slicing a sticky bun in half and making french toast out of it!  The first of three excellent meals today!

After breakfast we drove into the City and went to the de Young Museum to see Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cézanne, and Beyond: Post-Impressionist Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay.  I have to say my favorites were:
Henri Rousseau, The Snake Charmer

Paul Signac, Women at the Well

Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night Over the Rhone

Once we were done there, Brian suggested visiting the California Academy of Sciences.  But we couldn't leave without stopping for this photo op!

How could we resist?!  Anyway... where was I... oh yes... to the Academy of Sciences. 

Evolution exhibit... ginourmous!!

Cool display about dog breeds.  Of course, had to take this picture for my Dad and brother. :)

We saw Claude the Albino Crocodile in the Swamp.

The first of many photo attempts throughout the day.... mostly trying to get Brian to smile and my eyes to be open.  Good times. :)

 An indoor living Rainforest, complete with trees, bugs, frogs, snakes (yuck) and lots of butterflies!

And of course, we ate lunch at the Academy Café.  What did we eat?   Let's see...

Brian got the Irish Beef Stew, Spring Rolls and Corn on the Cob. 

I had the Turkey Sandwich, root beer and... Schaeffer Berger Chocolat Pot de Creme... which I shared with Brian.  Like a good wife. Ha!  As if I had a choice... or needed to eat it all. 

All the food was organic and totally tasty.  So far, two for two on meal choices for the day!

Before leaving we made sure to check out this:

The living roof.  So cool!

When we finished at the museum, we headed over to Pier 39.  Wandered in and out of the stores on Jefferson Street and watched some street performers.   This group of break dancers was really entertaining and they were so talented!

 This guy ended up doing a flip over these two guys - Brian caught it mid-air.  So awesome!

Also learned something new about Brian after 9 years together.  He used to perform break dancing when he was a kid at school  How cute... totally wish there was a home movie or pics of that! :)  Also wished we had a spare couple thousand to buy one of these.  Seriously.  I want one in our dining room!

We finished off the day in the City by going to dinner at Butterfly.  All I have to say is wow.  It was delicious!!  More food.... are you ready?!

We started off dinner by sharing a bowl of Carmelized Maui Onion Soup.... which apparently I forgot to photograph... oops! ;)  Let me just say... Yum. I wanted to lick the bowl. The restaurant was too nice for that!! ;)

For my main course I ordered the Macadamia & Blue Cheese Crusted Filet Mignon:

Sour Cream Whipped Potatoes, Shiimenji Mushroom Jus de Veau, Buttered Haricot Verts and Carrots, Port & Thyme Demi Glace.

Melt in your mouth!!

As if that wasn't good enough... I hate to admit it but Brian ordered something even better than my dinner... the Crab & Mascarpone Stuffed Crispy Chicken Breast:
Sweet Summer Corn and Shrimp Ragout, Arugula Salad, Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Lobster and Orange Reduction 

Wow.. it was amazing!  Little side story... In between the soup and our main courses, Brian was staring at other people's food.  It's a common restaurant occurance actually!  So he was particularly interested in this one woman's dish and stopped our waitress to ask what it was.  Lucky him... it was what he had ordered!! ;) LOL

For dessert we had the Vanilla Crème Brulée. mmmmmmm..... so good.  Loved it!!

It lasted a matter of minutes... and we restrained ourselves from licking this dish clean too!

It was a great end to the day!

On Sunday we grabbed a quick breakfast and hit the road home... stopping at Ikea on the way!  Always a fun time. :)  We left with a few small things for the house and.... Scarlet. 

Yep, she got a Krocodil.  hahaha!!  She's in love with it. :)

We had so much fun!!  I love it when we have the chance to getaway for the weekend!!  Thanks for reading to the very end.  I appreciate it. :)

Do you have any favorites in San Francisco? 


  1. What a fabulous getaway weekend! San Francisco is one of my favorites (my sister and I were street performers in San Fran for a week in middle school - long story but AWESOME experience) - Mr. B's never been, but it's on our list of places to go together.

  2. That living roof looks amazing! And the food! OMG! It looks like an absolutely amazing experience. I totally love that you bought Scarlett a Krocodil!

  3. Sooooooo AWESOME!! I {heart} SF too!!! AWESOME photos!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. We love SF! Baker Beach (toward the LEFT, not the right!), the Exploratorium, and North Beach are all favs.


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