Tuesday, October 12, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge | Days 1 & 2: Introducing....

So lately, I've been wanting to pay more attention to my blog.  Serious attention.  Seeing as how I am behind the scenes and writing for Flamingo Scraps daily, I just feel like I neglect over here.  And I don't want to do that.  I started this blog several years ago to help document our lives and document my thoughts on being married to an endurance athlete.  Now I document to help my capture memories for pretty much the same reason and I find it helps me keep track of things that I've made, things I've done, places we've gone and generally records the memories I want to scrapbook later.

So when I ran across this challenge today over on Katie's Journey, I figured why not?  I'll give it whirl.  I love guided journaling.  I think it reminds me of high school peer counseling and having to journal everyday. :) 

So here goes nothing.... join in and play along if you'd like!

15 Facts...
  1. I'm slightly addicted to reality tv.  I have lots of gratitude for the inventor of DVR who allowed my reality tv addiction to thrive and flourish!
  2. I am completely addicted to crafts.  Walking into a yarn or fabric or scrapbooking shop is dangerous.  Proof?  The 6 balls of yarn I bought last weekend when I went into the yarn store... :)
  3. I love to bake, love to cook, but don't.  I think I hate all the dishes more than I love to pursue the baking and cooking.
  4. I love chili, but can't eat it anymore.  It's a byproduct of the aging process I think.  The last two attempts at eating have resulted in illness.   I wish I knew why.  Best google answer?  Chili allergy... specifically to cumin.  Seriously.  But then I can eat all the same spices in other things.  Just something about that combo.... strange but true.
  5. I'm a klutz.... I've broken my arm twice.  Same arm.  I've had numerous bumps and bruises over the years.  Most recent was stream fishing.  It was back in July and my knee is finally almost back to normal!  You can still see the scar healing.  Good times!
  6. I ♥ making lists.  It's the type-A part of me.  I usually have a few going and a few more in my head on most days.  The husband doesn't like all the planning ahead for the house.  But it's all planned.... just waiting for his next surprise visit to Home Depot! ;)
  7. I cry when I get really mad.  It's involuntary and I really hate it.  I think it's frustration boiling over.  People mistake it for sadness or hurt (when it's neither), which then makes me more mad and I cry more.   
  8. I love my life.  Seriously.  Great jobs, amazing husband, comfy house, cutest doggie, lazy cats, my family, my friends, where we live (most days)... life is definitely good.  I have bad days, but mostly good ones.
  9. I want to get my masters degree.  I'm much closer to this than I was two years ago.  At least I have it narrowed down to two options.  Now I just need to find some $$.... any one know how to grow a money tree?
  10. I want to travel more.  The only thing that stops me is work and money.  If we won the lottery, I'd totally travel the world for a year.... maybe longer. :)
  11. I used to hate fish.  It's grown on me.  As long as it's not too fishy, I actually eat it.  I even order fish for dinner for the first time a few weeks ago.  Salmon.  It was tasty. :)
  12. I have a love/hate relationship with tomatos.  I'm not a huge ketchup fan, but have to have it on my fries.  I hate meatloaf because of the ketchup.  I love tomatos cooked (sauces, pizza, etc), but not on my salad or in my sandwich.  I still have no answer why, but I do ponder that thought often.
  13. I married a ketchup lover.  I just think that's funny in comparison.  He would drink ketchup if he wasn't busy drowning his food in it.  :) 
  14. I'm a homebody.  About all I can stand is two weekends in row where I'm not home.  Which might present a problem with that whole travel around the world plan. :)
  15. I want to be a better photographer.  It's on the list for next year!  Probably take a class or something.
Oh yeah... and while I'm thinking of photography..... a recent picture of me.... hmmmm.... Item no. 16:  I hate my picture being taken.  But here's one from today anyway:

And the blog name?  When I first started this blog it was to learn how to blog so I could help Brian with his blog.  I initially wanted to talk about the other side of what he does... the support crew to an endurance athlete.  I never quite got there, but the title was something I just came up with on the fly when google asked me for a title.  And "So I Married a Triathlete" it was.  Been with me ever since.  Maybe someday I'll change it but for now it stays.  :) 

So please tell me something I don't know about you... I'm curious!! :)


  1. I am so glad that you are participating with us! I think it is going to be so much fun! I am addicted to reality TV too and have no idea what I would do without my DVR! Looking forward to getting to know you!

  2. Loveeeeeeeeeeeee that photo of you and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm it must be a BRIAN thing... cuz my BRIAN is a KETCHUP freak too... lol lol lol... and I can ONLY buy Heinz. period. end of story. LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. You Go Girl -- you write beautifully and your posts where ever they might be are a pleasure to read -- good luck on this challenge!

  4. Have you discovered the notes app for your iPhone? I use it for all my lists.

  5. I am a home body and I love to draw images for my cards. See, I think you can travel and be a homebody. When you get back from traveling, you will appreciate home so much more.


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