Friday, July 23, 2010

Brian's Last 24 Hour Race?

So I thought I married a triathlete.....and it has turned out he is an endurance athlete. :)  We've been in a little training/racing break around here for the past year and half, give or take.  Brian's work assignments changed up and he was feeling a little burned out which led him to take a break from serious racing.  The occasional race here and there, but nothing as major as a 24-Hour Solo mountain bike race or an Ironman

So this weekend, we went to Cobb, California for the Boggs 24. Yep, he jumped right in a raced a 24-Hour Solo mountain bike race with very little training. Well, the training I'm used to seeing him put in anyway. If you know Brian, you're with me shrugging your shoulders and saying "typical." :)

So here's Brian right before the race started.  It was 11 am and already in the 90's outside!  HOT!

Heading out on first lap:

The dog had fun:
Until the heat got to her!
Then all she wanted to do was snooze in the shade. :)
Here is out pit this time around.... we pack a lot lighter than in races past. And yes, that's Scarlet's chair! :)

And a crash at 9:00ish ended Brian's race.  I didn't find out about said crash until the next morning when I noticed him limping around the campsite.  Typical!  He never tells me the stuff I can tease him about until he can't hide any more.  Didn't help him that his friend Mike called him out on the crash to me as he rode by our pit area! ;) Love it (and thanks Mike!)

It was a good race and I'm glad that he is able to do what he loves from time-to-time.  I'm still not convinced that his age has anything to do with it... as he is claiming right now.  He's still just as tough as he's always been.  And ten years is a LONG time to race and train competitively!  Eventually your body needs a break right?!  And yes, he finally uttered words I thought I would never hear.... "I think this is my last 24 Hour Race."  I don't know what to think about that!  I'm writing it down, just in case he changes his mind.  I can show this to him to remind him! ;)

All-in-all it was fun.  My parents visited all day Saturday which was great.  I'm happy to feel like we've finally hit a good groove with the whole racing thing.  I know what he needs, we work well as a team and it's easier than it used to be.  Of course, now he's ready to move onto something else now that we have this figured out!! TYPICAL!!

Oh and did I mention Scarlet met her new boyfriend?  Mr. Clark Kent.  And he's a local.  Isn't he handsome?!  They make such a cute couple! :) haha
Scarlet is wearing purple and has her back to the camera. ;)

Wish we had gotten some better pics but it was 10 pm at night and they were getting loud and rowdy.  Scar was playing coy, shy and hard to get... she had Clark barking!!  (You show him girlfriend!!) ;)

All-in-all a fun weekend that I'm still trying to recover from.  Already looking forward to the next weekend.  I ♥ summer!!


  1. That was a good read - thanks for sharing!

  2. I didn't know your honey was a Brian too!! Or is it BrAIn??? LOL!! When peeps email hubby ... they usually mix those 2 letters!! LOL!! Sorry he got Brian used to be a huge athlete...captain of football, baseball, basketball....but his knees got to him...well that and his gout... hard for them to admit that you can't be an athlete forever!! LOL!! Great pics! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. What a fun post! I'm glad Brian was okay even though he crashed! Scarlet is too cute! I love her laid back in that chair. LOL


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