Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Five Random Things

So last week I posted five moments, tonight?  Five random things internet sorta things that I'm loving:

1.  Wordle.  Not new, but still fun to play with every once in a while.  I ran my blog feed through Wordle and it gave me this:
Guess I shouldn't be surprised that the most common word is time?! Ha!  Go and play.  It's fun!

2.  Ever since I saw this, I can't not think about it.  These must be made asap.  All varieties.
Photo credit: Smitten Kitchen

3.  Will it waffle?  I laugh, but I can't stop looking back at it.  I'm almost intrigued enough to pull out the waffle maker and try something.  Almost.....
Photo Credit: Waffleizer

4.  Can we do this to our garage.... uh, I mean bike shop honey?

Photo Credit: dwell

5. Pictaculous.  Love this for picking a color palette from pictures.  So quick and easy!

Things that keep me awake at night! Well, not really.... but still fun! ;)

I love discovering new things online. Have you found any interesting quirky things around the internet recently?


  1. good luck with the bike shop! the waffleizer is too funny

  2. OMG the waffle one is too funny! I love Wordle. The most common word on mine is always kids. LOL

  3. How fun! I have seriously spent at least 30 minutes looking through these 5 awesome links! HAHA. Great finds! :D

  4. I found you via Ali's blog today and love this. YOur list is great. I think you chould check out for some waffle inspiration as I just made the recipe she posted yesterday and it is AWESOME! Great ideas here and thanks for sharing!

  5. love the wordle art you came up cool! and time, don't we all need more time!

    i owe you an email for sending me pictures of your craft room...just busy with sewing!

    thanks for stopping by!


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