Thursday, May 6, 2010

Five Moments

My favorite new discovery is this website.  If you haven't checked it out, you should!  So I'm going to answer one question I found today:

Name five moments in your life so far that you believe that you will remember happily in your old age. 

#1:  The first dance Brian and I shared at our wedding.  I remember every second from that moment in time.  Really everything from that day, but that moment of love will always stand out in my mind. 

#2:  On the day I graduated from high school I remember posing for pictures in our house with Michelle.  A day filled with friends and family.  So happy despite the fact we were rained out and stuck indoors at the fairgrounds.  So happy I was able to share that moment with Michelle.  Who knew we would end up living together in college?!

#3:  Graduating from college - that moment of receiving my degree and hearing my name called.  All that hard work rewarded.  That feeling of accomplishment.  Shared with Michelle again which made it even more special.  

#4:  Holding Creighton for the first time.  Such a joy in our lives.  So look forward to watching my favorite little man grow up and being a part of his life.

#5:  Walking across the finish line after having walked 60 miles in 3 days.  The triumph of mind over body.  The pain.  The accomplishment.  Making a difference and giving back.  I will never have the words to describe that moment in my life, but I will always look upon it with happiness and gratitude for the support I received.

This will definitely be making it's way into the scrapbook sometime soon!  What are your answers? I'd love to know. :)


  1. Special moments indeed! Thanks for sharing those with us A!

  2. Those are some pretty great moments...big mile markers. It's nice to have those in life.


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