Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Busy Days....

Seems like it's that cosmic time where everything is due, things that need to get done are piling up everywhere and I'll I want to do is take a nap in the middle of the afternoon!  Lately, I have been trying to keep up with it all.   Here are a few scrapbook layouts I've done in the last few weeks for the Flamingo Scraps blog:

The first layout has a color photo that my cousin Jen took of my nephew at Easter.  If you live in the Sacramento area, you should check her website out.  She has a portable studio setup and can go anywhere you want to take some pictures!

I've also done a fair number of digital scrapbook layouts too:

On another note.... we have been playing the classic 1982 Electronic Battleship complete with sound effects this week!  Brian has been itching to get one since he remembered it recently from his childhood.  He found one in excellent condition on ebay and we can't get enough of it!  I'll have to post some pictures of it soon.  Hope everyone is enjoying the rainy-sunny-rainy weather that is torturing my allergies!! ;)


  1. I LOVE Battleship. Now you have me wanting to go to ebay. LOL Thank you so much for the birthday wishes Amanda! All of your layouts are just beautiful!

  2. Holy Smokes! That birthday ride layout is fab. As well as the others!


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