Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Week in our Life: Wednesday

Is it just me or is Wednesday always the toughest day of the week? I don't have a lot of words today... I'm a little sleepy tonight.  Today was just like Monday with rain from Tuesday, only Brian worked. If that makes any sense! The highlights:

Flowers and candy for admin professionals day.  Small gestures, but it was nice to have a few bites of See's chocolate and have some pretty roses on my desk for the rest of the week.  Talking to Kia on the phone during my short lunch break trip to Subway. A random drop by from a my next door neighbor to say hi on her way in tonight and to invite us to her son's birthday party this weekend. We have some really great neighbors. An amazing cheeseburger on homemade sourdough bread with grilled onions for dinner. Talking to my Mom and Dad on the phone. Lots of laughing with Brian tonight and shooting the nerf guns.... maybe he should lock them up in the gun safe afterall!  Playing with the sewing machine to get a fun project finished up. Rare moment with our 13 year old cat Nala who played with me for ten minutes. That's ten minutes more than the entire last year combined!  Usually she only wants to play with Scarlet.  Looking at photos to scrapbook, found this picture taken in January of our house:

Big project on the horizon that has been on my mind this week and discussed between Brian and I:  Replacing trim, new shutters for exterior of house and complete repainting of the exterior of the house. Been thinking on color combos for days. Seeking inspiration. Stuck with the stucco, windows and roof.... but the rest is a blank slate!

Click on the picture to read all my notes.

I'm afraid if I don't have a color combo and plan soon, I'm going to go visit my brother in Pennsylvania and get a phone call from Brian in Home Depot at the paint counter.  That's how the backyard wall project started!  Ideas tossed around so far? 
  • Mustard yellow house, ivory trim, navy blue door and shutters. (Brian's favorite)
  • Warm beige house, ivory trim, navy blue door and shutters.
  • Same as prior only with cranberry red door and shutters. (My favorite)
  • Light yellow-green house, trim 1-2 tones darker shade from house, cranberry red door and shutters. (Would look the best with stone we have put in backyard wall).
  • Grey house, snow white trim, black shutters, cranberry red door.
I guess we are closer than we thought.... seems like we want either navy blue or cranberry red as our dark accent color! Anyone have any color palette or style suggestions? Sources of inspiration?


  1. We just re-pained our exterior. We started wanting a blue, but didn't like any of them. We went with a grey/dk grey combo with white trim and a blue door. It was a super tough decision, but we're happy. Good Luck!


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