Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Week in our Life: Tuesday

Today started with rain and ended with rain.  The rain greeted me by started 0.000005 seconds before I opened the garage door to go to the gym at 5:25 this morning. I ran to Anna's car got in, realized my garage door opener was not in her vehicle and had to run through it again. (I swear, I'm really not a morning person!) It left me soaking wet for over an hour!

Rainy drive to work

Looking forward to my mini vacation in Florida next week starting the 29th. 

Added a pic to my desktop to motivate me to get through the next week of hard work:

Grilled cheese on sourdough for lunch with Brian watching (what else) Law & Order: SVU. :)  Rain = no work for Brian these days.  Why no drought this year?!  Brief break in the rain during my lunch.  Really pretty this time of year when everything is green.

This will look different in a few months when the stop sign and power lines are replaced with a new signal!

Random moment of the day:

Ordered my mocha at Starbucks drivethrough around 2:15....
Barista: "Would you like anything to eat with that?"
Me: "Yeah, I'd like a package of Madelines please."
Barista immediately responds: "Uh....I think I ate them all. I was a little hungry this morning. Let me check."
Barista: "Nope we have a couple left. One of my coworkers hid a few from me."
How funny is that?! This guy is makes great mochas and, apparently, is a comedian too.  Learn something new everyday. :)

My top five favorite songs (many of which I heard today while working):
1.  OMG, Usher f. (LOVE this.... total brain virus right now... can't get it out of my head!)
2.  Already Gone, Kelly Clarkson
3.  All the Right Moves, One Republic
4.  Whatya Want from Me, Adam Lambert
5.  Winner, Jamie Foxx f. Justin Timberlake and someone else (I'm terrible with song names!)

After a day of paying bills and doing lots of customer service today at work.  I came home to this:

Yep, still on the couch where I left him at 7:45 this morning.   A rare occasion for Brian to lay on the couch all day.  He did get up and make himself & Scarlet eggs for breakfast and after lunch baked some homemade sourdough bread.  Sooooo tasty!

And I ended up relaxing for the first time in days watching Biggest Loser, a brand new Law & Order: CI, American Idol and Glee with him.  We record everything on our dvr and skip all the commercials.  I don't know what we ever did without that contraption!  So I think Scarlet has the right idea now and I'm going to take her suggestion....

Until tomorrow.....


  1. Oh great photos about your day! So glad someone made you laugh after a rainy start to the morning. It is so weird seeing a stop sign on that side of the road!


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