Friday, April 23, 2010

A Week in our Life: Thursday

I didn't stop too write much of anything down today.  Or take any pictures really.  My day started with waking up late.  Missed my morning aerobics class.  Worked hard all day paying bills and preparing agenda items at work.  Brian was in Felton again today and even worked some overtime.  Talked to Susan on the phone.... and I am looking forward to seeing her in exactly one week!   I got to this point in my day, then I was majorly distracted by something unexpected.  I was looking to see if I had a picture in this filing box Mom loaned me to scan so that I could scrapbook it next week.   Well, no small task, there are hundreds of pictures in there! :)  All of the pictures belonged to my grandparents and when my grandfather died, we packed all the photos we could find into this box.  What I didn't remember was all the other bits and pieces that had been stashed away by my grandmother many years ago!   So I got distracted.  I was listening to this and digging through this box for at least a few hours!

Grandpa and I in his chair (my Dad's senior high school picture hanging above us!).  I think I'm about 3 or 4 in this picture?

I remember this trip my brother and I took with my grandparents to the Sacramento Zoo and fairytale town.  I still remember how mad my Mom was we had cotton candy!!  We joked about it when we looked at some of these pics a few weeks back when she gave me the box.  I still love cotton candy and got some at Disneyland on my 30th birthday! :)

After Brian peeked his head in and looked at a few pictures, I finally put the box away and tucked my sweet husband into bed.  Scarlet and I watched Survivor, Flash Forward and Private Practice on the dvr while I was figuring out what to pack for Florida.  Another long busy day!

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