Wednesday, March 24, 2010

30 by 30: March Progress Report

So here we are 20+ days past my 30th birthday!  I feel like I am accomplishing a lot, but due to life adding additional challenges, I have not met my full goals quite yet.  Despite not making all these goals by my 30th birthday, I will be continuing to work on this until the end of this year and, I hope, that I will be finished with it much sooner than that!

Three finished now and four in progress.   So far I have completed:

Something Borrowed...
Something Blue... and now
Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton (loved it)

Lots of progress made, here's the list so far...
2. Knit hat for Brian
3. Christmas Cards
4. Scarf for my sister's Christmas gift
5. Reorganize Master Closet
6. Reorganize Guest Bedroom closet (including reorganizing all wrapping paper + wrapping supplies)
7. Decorate (and undecorate) house for Christmas
8. Reclaimed Window Mirror (joint project with Brian.... we love it! Pictured above... now I just need to paint those walls.... and we need to build out our living room alcove.... it never ends!)
9. January 2010 Project 365
10. February 2010 Project 365
11. Office/Craft Room closet -- gut and remodel (helped Brian with building it out)
12.  Reorganize Office/Craft Room closet (once remodel was complete!)
Still in progress:
13. Christmas Elf Hat for my new 2nd cousin Gabriel
14. Mini recipe books for Christmas Cookie Exchange party
15. Reclaimed Window Frame (joint project with Brian.... needs glass too, then it will be a frame for pictures)
16. Gift for Nancy (almost done!)
17. 365 project every month

8/30 watched.  Not a big change since Brian and I both have been working on the projects or traveling when not at work.  And with Brian's irregular hours during winter months in recent years, we only watched one movie in two months.  Yikes!

15/30 made.  Half way is not bad considering I only cook on average once or twice a week!  And I'm a creature of habit... I usually make the same things all the time.

Last, but certainly not least.... the 5k.   I'm glad to say that thanks to the help of my good friend Andrea, I did do a 5k and while I was only a few minutes away from breaking 30 minutes, I know I gave that run 150%.  I'm really proud of my finishing time!  And I'm hoping to try again later this year in November with Andrea to finally beat that time once and for all!!

I'll be back in the next week or so to share about our birthday trips -- Disneyland for my birthday and a biking road trip for Brian's birthday.  We have had a great time in the last few weeks traveling on our weekends!

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  1. Well, looks like you are making progress. Love the window/mirror. Let's get together soon.


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