Thursday, March 11, 2010

30 by 30: The Davis Stampede 5k

Well my birthday has come and gone.... lots of things were accomplished!  Over the next few weeks I'll be catching up my blog as I get caught up.  May take a little longer as I am now blogging for Flamingo Scraps and I'm working hard at getting some projects done in my craft room!

As far as my 30 by 30 goals are concerned, one of my goals was beat my best time in a 5k and, hopefully, beat the 30 minute mark.  My good friend Andrea saw my goal and jumped in to run it with me.  She was a great cheerleader and I'm glad we got to run the race together.  With her pushing me, I got an official time of 33 minutes and 45 seconds!  My best 5k time and now I know that 30 minutes is within my reach if I actually train to run instead of just working out like I do now. :)

Darn flash on the camera always gets me!

So I guess I didn't officially meet the mark on this goal, but I did complete the 5k and push myself to the edge, so I'm going to happily check this one off and next time I will definitely beat that time on the race clock!


  1. Good job! I am in awe. You are doing so good at all your goals!

  2. That's me. I'm a pusher :) You did awesome. I know you'll be able to get your time down by the end of the year for sure.


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