Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Last Decade... by the Numbers

I saw this somewhere... can't find it now, so I’m sorry to whomever I’m borrowing this idea from without giving credit! It reminds me of the Wisconsin vacation summary I e-mailed to everyone and have since lost. So if you never delete your e-mails and have it still somewhere…. Please forward it to me! :)

So without further adieu… I give you the last decade of my life:

24 Trips/vacations and of those…
17 were with Brian :)
32 Plane flights (this is counting takeoff/landings! And I am not a fan of flying, so this makes me happy!)
18 States visited (California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Michigan, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Georgia, Florida, Colorado and Hawaii)
50+ races watched
5,000+ pictures taken
Hundreds of Mochas
3 Moves
2 Apartments (both in Davis, California)
1 Home (the current one!)
10 Dogs to love (between us + my family – Scarlet, Gracie, Ziggy, Sarge, Yoda, Daisy, Oskar, Belle, Otis & Pepper)
6 Cats to love (between us + my family – Nala, Darby, Simon, Bunnie, Cuddles and Goldie)
17 Classes taken at UCD (not including the 16 or so that came before those)
250+ books read (rough estimate)
1 Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations
6 jobs
3 cars
300,000+ miles driven
124,000+ of those miles in my current car
2 car accidents
1 set of crutches
1 walking boot
1 3-day, 60-mile Breast Cancer Walk completed
$2,250 raised for Breast Cancer Research
16 weddings
7 of those weddings were my cousins
2 of those weddings were my siblings
18 babies born (rough estimate, off the top of my head!)
7 of those are related to us somehow
1 of those is my adorable nephew
1 First Kiss… that led to
1 Whirlwind romance… that led to
1 Perfect wedding… that has resulted in
Being married to my best friend.

Best. Decade. EVER. :)
This next decade has a lot to live up to!

How about you? What did the last decade add up to for you?


  1. What an amazing post! You've done a lot more than I have in the past ten years. I can't get over all of those flights. You couldn't PAY me to get on a plane. LOL

  2. thanks for the comment on my blog! what a great idea...i will have to figure my last decade out this week at some point and do it has a blog post...thanks for the wonderful idea.


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