Sunday, January 10, 2010

30 by 30: January Progress Report

So with 49 days left until my birthday, here's the status so far:

Two finished, but 5 in progress. That sounds a little crazy, but trust me, it's totally typical for me! Guess I haven't left my college days of multi-task reading behind me. :) Here are the two books finished so far:

Something Borrowed. And of course I immediately had to read the follow-up! Something Blue (Thanks for letting me borrow them Nancy!)

Lots of progress made, here's the list so far...
2. Knit hat for Brian
3. Christmas Cards
4. Scarf for my sister's Christmas gift
5. Reorganize Master Closet
6. Reorganize Guest Bedroom closet (including reorganizing all wrapping paper + wrapping supplies)
7. Decorate (and undecorate) house for Christmas
In progress:
8. Christmas Elf Hat for my new 2nd cousin Gabriel
9. Mini recipe books for Christmas Cookie Exchange party
10. Reclaimed Window Mirror (joint project with Brian.... just need to get the mirror glass!)
11. Reclaimed Window Frame (joint project with Brian.... needs glass too, then it will be a frame for pictures)
12. Gift for Nancy (almost done!)
13. 365 project (take a picture every day of 2010, so far I got this going!)

7/30 watched. Now, if it weren't for the fact that we watched our normal Christmas movies, The Proposal for the second & third times and Maid of Honor & 50 First Dates again we probably would be further along here! Add that to Brian suddenly going back to work crazy hours and we have not had the time to watch them. Hoping to catch up next weekend... if Brian is home!

9/30 made. Again, the holidays kinda killed the chances on attaining more. But I can say I made 8 dozen gingerbread men, 3 batches of shortbread and 4 dozen chocolate cherry peanut blossom kiss cookies, so I feel like I spent a lot of time in the kitchen lately!

And finally, the 5k. Going to run one with Andrea in February. Got back into exercising post-holidays and starting the serious running regiment this week... have about 9 minutes to drop from my time. yikes!


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