Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010: All about the love!

Supplies used: (Re)Collection Kit from Songbird Avenue, 1942 Report font

My one word I want to live by the year is simple. Love. Love my family, my friends, myself, our home, our pets. Love life in general. What goals have I penciled in that fall within that list of loving my family, friends, self, home and pets?

1. Spend more time with family, friends and the furballs in our house.
2. Nuture our relationship, hopefully by continuing to spend quality time together.
3. Workout 3-4 days per week.
4. Continue eating healthy.
5. Finish all the projects on that long list of mine.

So far, this year is all about those things.
January - a trip to LA with Nancy.
February - a 5k with Andrea, a visit from my brother, which will include a trip to Disneyland with the family for my 30th birthday.
March - a month to focus on the house and time with Brian.
April - a trip to Florida with the girls.
May - the nephew's 2nd birthday and a trip to Pennsylvania to visit my brother.
June - still in Pennsylvania in the beginning....
the rest of the year is up for grabs still! Well, except for the first weekend of October, where we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary. How time flies!

So what are you resolving to do this year?

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  1. It sounds like you are going to have an AMAZING year! I love how you write down your goals this way. Wonderful post!

    You asked about making digital paper... Here is a video tutorial you may be able to use.

    You also asked about making digital templates... Check out this link for a ton of different tutorials including that one. It's how I got started with digi.


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