Monday, November 30, 2009

August: A Wedding, a vacation and some fun in the sun!

Again noting that this was written back at the end of August and is just now getting posted! geez!

Still trying to keep up, but things are slowing down a bit and we are playing catch up around here!

Today I am:

Reading: Nothing but the random magazine or blog post. Hoping to get back to reading by the end of next month!

Listening to: Careless Whisper (Seether's version) is a new favorite. Other new favorites right now are Say Hey (Michael Franti & Spearhead) and the new Daughtry album.

Obsessed With:
**Food = iced passion tea at Starbucks, Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monsters (still my new favorite breakfast), Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, strawberries, Brian's homemade chocolate
**Crafts = Finishing up Katie & Kile's guest book, getting back to my nephew's scrapbook.
**Workouts = Working out most days now. Still going to the night classes at the YMCA. A little bike riding with Brian every once in a while.
**Time wasters = Facebook lately.
**House = Still purging. Still planning on painting.

Thinking About: What we are going to do to celebrate our 4th anniversary in a few weeks.

Planning: Home improvement projects for the upcoming months.

Dreaming Of: Winning the lottery! :)

Enjoying: Life right now. Things are busy but mellowing out. Looking forward to fall and the holidays.

Vowing To: Finish purging everything in the next couple of weeks!

Working On: Work. Cleaning.

Excited About: Learning how to make marshmallows (got a book!) and losing 5 pounds in the last six weeks. I earned every single pound!

Favorite food I made in the last month: Nothing new unfortunately. Brian made a delicious chicken pasta veggie bake though. :)

Getting out and about: My sister's bachelorette party, her wedding, had our nephew for the week while they went on honeymoon. Took the nephew to the zoo, aquarium, parks, shopping, beach. So much fun!

Favorite photos from the last month:

My Sister, Brother and I were taking our pics... and my cute nephew decided he HAD to be in the picture! Ran over, looked up and posed for the camera. It was too adorable!

Love this pic of the two of us! :)

And last but not least... here's a picture of the Bride and Groom:

This picture is my absolute favorite out of all the pictures from the wedding!

All three of these pictures were taken by the nicest people, David and Christie Posey, owners of Lexigraphics photography. They are amazing!! They photographed my wedding, as well as my brother Tom's wedding and my sister Katie's wedding.

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