Friday, September 19, 2008

Time for some big changes

So many things are changing right now.... finally taking some time to clean out old stuff, finish up incomplete projects and get caught up before the holidays hit! I am working hard to finish uploading all my pics and videos of the big walk, so I will be posting those early next week (finally!). In the meantime, we have made significant progress on our big wall project and it's getting the finishing touches right now. We still have to build the second tier in the back, add plants, put sprinkler systems in and lay sod, but for now we're happy to be done with the front wall.

Off to Michelle's wedding this weekend... Brian's working hard, so I'm bummed he is stuck at home, but grateful he is working tonight, tomorrow and Sunday... Get to see my nephew and visit with my family. So excited to get to visit Apple Hill on Sunday morning and go with Creighton for his first time. Been waiting for weeks now! I'm outta here! :)

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