Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Time passes by so quickly!

It's hard to believe that it's May already. So much has happened this year, so many fun things ahead of us. This is our year of change I think. We finally seemed to have settled into a good routine - one that puts us used to the racing, the traveling, the family, the friends. I've enjoyed breaking out and trying new things and shaking life up a little bit. I went to Colorado to visit some new friends - Kia, Sarah, Susan, Suzanne, Becky - love those girls! In the process, I met a few other nice ladies - Cindy, Chris and Jennifer. We spent an entire weekend in Fairplay, Colorado (in the mountains near Denver) at a crop. And no, that's not harvesting vegetables! LOL :) I got a lot done, made some great new friends (some of which I hope to spend many more girls' weekends with!) and I even flew on a plane by myself for the first time, which is huge considering I'm not such a huge fan of flying!

All in all, it's been a busy first few months of the year and it's not looking to slow down any time soon! Here's a pic from my trip to Colorado - I miss those girls and that place!!! :)

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