Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The sloooooowwwww burn....out.

Okay, so its starting to seem like we're both hitting our mid-year lag right about now. All kinds of parties, weddings, graduations, races, nice weather, longer tired. I know personally that I don't even really feel like I sleep anymore because I wake up and feel like I just closed my eyes! Brian seems to be pretty tired too. Two burned out people = lots of interesting discussions, arguments and more time together than usual! No complaints from me really, but I've developed a new term I think I should trademark - "PRS" instead of "PMS". PRS shall be defined as the months, weeks or days leading up to the next race for my husband. I was joking with Brian today that he had PRS - he's moody, crabby, tired and generally a pain in the _____. But now that I read that statement in black and white, I think that this is a usual state of existence for him. I'm just finding myself trying really hard not to laugh at him mid-meltdown or, some days, I'm fighting the urge not to kick his bike over in the garage! :) So that's my story for the moment...I'm too tired to think anymore for today. I think I'll go lay down and close my eyes and let another day to begin....

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